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FL-BC2514D-VG / B2514D(KP)

Product no.: 10045002
  • Ricoh VGA
  • 1" camera
  • Focal length 25 mm
  • Iris Range 1.4 - 22
  • very bright
  • manually controlled, compact lens
  • with 3 locking knobs for aperture and focus (plus 2 knurled knobs in repackaging)
  • C-Mount

Technical Details

JenCam Nr. 10045002
Pentax Nr. C22525KP
Ricoh No. FL-BC2514D-VG
Format Size 1"
Focal Length 25,0mm
Iris Range 1,4 -22
Min.Object Distance 0,3m
Horizontal Angle of View 1/4" 8.23°
Horizontal Angle of View 1/3" 10.97°
Horizontal Angle of View 1/2" 14.62°
Horizontal Angle of View 2/3" 20.10°
Horizontal Angle of View 1" 28.30°
Filter Size M27x0,5mm
Dimension 30x37.3mm
Weight 76g
0perating Temperature -20°C - +50°C
Lens Mount C-Mount


Product Note Price
EXT-0,5 EXT-0,5
EXT-10 EXT-10
EXT-20 EXT-20
EXT-40 EXT-40
UV filter UV/27 UV filter UV/27
ND2/27 ND2/27
ND4/27 ND4/27
ND8/27 ND8/27
Colour filter red CL27(R2) Colour filter red CL27(R2)
Color filter green CL27(P01) Color filter green CL27(P01)
Colour filter yellow CL27(Y2) Colour filter yellow CL27(Y2)
Colour filter blue CL27(80A) Colour filter blue CL27(80A)
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