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High Resolution, 530 TV Lines

Wide Dynamic feature, as next step of development and evolution. Known already in fixed focussed cameras,
But in terms of Modules not wide spread implementation. WDR as an advanced backlight compensation
function that dramatically improves camera dynamic range by more than 100 times to reproduce clear images
in extreme high-contrast environments.Offering even at extreme lighting conditions in terms of backlight a high
quality picture for recognising even details

Spherical Mosaic privacy zone masking for hiding private areas of the picture

Motion detection; Within a screen divided into 12 horizontal and 8 vertical blocks, the camera detects
change in luminance of block within designated areas (up to 4 areas) and specifies its position.

Multi title; for title display. The position of the line is selectable on the monitor

Slow AE, this feature is slowing down the auto exposure response time. The rate can be set up to 32 times

slower than when the Full Auto mode or Priority mode is selected.This function can be set by the VISCA command

These features are provided by newest DSP technology which is incooperated in the new D-Version

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