More than 20 years experience in customized Imaging Solutions und OEM Manufacturing.

We offer fast development and rapid prototyping, from small to large series volumes, have many different standard components in stock and are an official Sony supplier.


Object illumination is a complex issue in imaging technology. Considering the variety of options and requirements,it is important to choose the right illumination for a particular application.

JenCam offers a wide variety of different illuminations and is able to design and build fully customized illumination solutions.Our in house team can deliver the design of the PCB, the illumination lens and the assembly of required power and communication cables.


When using cameras for machine vision and medical applications it is often necessary to adapt the optical, mechanical and electrical camera properties to suit the required task.

JenCam provides mechanical adaptation of stock cameras including changing the orientation and position of the sensor, splitting up compact standard devices into sub units, and fully customizing cameras with user defined electrical and mechanical interfaces.


Measuring objects with machine vision cameras often requires telecentric lenses that do not suffer from a change of magnification for different object distances.

JenCam offers customized lenses with respect to the chosen camera chip and the object for the required application. The optical and mechanical design of the entire lens is completed by experts in house.


Power Supplies