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Product no.: 10115001
  • red
  • LED incident illumination
  • directed light
  • Illumination suitable for bright and dark field illumination, incident and transmitted light applications

Technical Details

JenCam Nr. 10115001
Lighting mode Ringlicht / LED-Ring Lights
Light source LED
Light colours Red
Wavelength 630nm
Dimension Light field Ø 95 / Ø 47
Housing material Black anodized aluminium
Protective window Plastic
Mounting devices 4xM4
Connecting device 3pin
Power Requirements DC +24 V
Power Consumption 7,2 W
Dimension Ø 100 / Ø 45
Weight 400g
Water Protection IP54
Storage Temperature -25° to +75 °C
0perating Temperature -10° to +55°C


Product Note Price
K3-2m M8 K3-2m M8
K3-5m M8 K3-5m M8
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