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Product no.: 30031003
  • Camera system cable assembled on both sides with 12-pin Hirose connectors Can be used in the entire camera technology
  • Sony (CCXC-12Pxx1S)
  • Hitachi (C-1xxKSM)

Technical Details

JenCam Nr. 30031003
Typ Multicore Systemcable
Interface analog
Coax AWG30 4x(75)
Strands AWG24 4x
Color Black
Connecting device Camera 12pin female round HR10A
Connecting device 12pin male round HR10A
Dimension length 5000mm
Dimension diameter Ø 7,1mm
Weight 400g
Standard UL20276
Storage Temperature -25° to +75 °C
Operating Temperature -10° to +60°C


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