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Product no.: 30031019
  • Camera system cable assembled on both sides with 12-pin Hirose connectors Can be used in the entire camera technology
  • Sony (CCXC-12Pxx1S)
  • Hitachi (C-1xxKSM)

Technical Details

JenCam Nr. 30031019
Typ Multicore Systemcable
Interface analog
Coax AWG30 4x(75)
Strands AWG24 4x
Color Black
Connecting device Camera 12pin female round HR10A
Connecting device Camera 1 Angle
Connecting device 12pin male round HR10A
Dimension length 5000mm
Dimension diameter Ø 7,1mm
Weight 400g
Standard UL20276
Storage Temperature -25° to +75 °C
Operating Temperature -10° to +60°C


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