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XCL-C500C Colour

Product no.: 10016057
  • CameraLink Colour
  • 1/3"-type progressive scan IT CCD
  • 2448(H) x 2048(V) Pixel
  • Frame Rate 15fps
  • 29mm x 29mm x 30mm
  • PoCL, CameraLink® Version1.2s
  • discontinued - still available

Shading Correction

With embedded shading correction, XCL-C Series cameras minimize the uneven image intensity often caused by lighting and/or the lens. Their internal hardware processing reduces the need for external image correction that is normally performed via a frame grabber board and PC. This handy function reduces the processing load of the PC, and simplifies the processing task. In addition, these cameras are equipped with three optional lighting settings to capture clear images in varying lighting conditions.

Defect Correction

XCL-C Series cameras can automatically minimize defective pixels (e.g., white and black dots) within the entire imaging area directly inside the camera. This feature helps simplify image processing.

Temperature Readout

Each camera comes with an internal temperature sensor. The host device can receive temperature information by issuing a command. This eliminates the need for a separate sensor, and simplifies system configuration. 

Sensitivity Control

The XCL-C Series is equipped with a saturation signal control function to allow the amount of saturation signal charge on the CCD to be increased or decreased via software commands. For example when capturing dark objects, the user can increase the amount of saturation signal charge elevating the camera’s sensitivity to improvethe picture quality instead of using a long exposure time.


Technical Details

JenCam Nr. 10016057
Image Sensor 2/3"-type progressive scan IT CCD
Camera Typ Color
Effective Pixels 2456(H) x 2058(V)
Image format 2448(H) x 2048(V)
Resolution Depth 8, 10, 12-bit, Raw, digital, RGB Color
Frame Rate 15fps
Cell Size 3.69 μm x 3.69 μm
Minimum illumination 8 lx (Iris: F1.4, Gain: +18 dB, Shutter: 1/15 s)
Sensitivity F8 (2000 lx, Gain: 0 dB)
Gain Auto, Manual : 0 dB to +18 dB
Shutter Speed 2 s to 1/100,000 s
Digital Interface Digital (Camera Link)
Interface Typ PoCL, CameraLink® Version1.2
Lens Mount C-Mount
Flange Back 17.526 mm
Storage Temperature -30° to 60 °C
Operating Temperature -5° to 45° C
Power Requirements DC +12.0 V
Power Consumption 3.2 W
Shock Resistance 70 G
Vibration Resistance 10 G (20 Hz to 200 Hz)
Mass 56 g
Dimensions (W x H x D) 29 x 29 x 30 mm


Product Note Price
(Length: 5.000mm)
(Length: 10.000mm)
VCT-333I VCT-333I
NT12/8 NT12/8
HR10A-10P-12S HR10A-10P-12S
FL-CC5028-2M / C5028-M(KP) FL-CC5028-2M / C5028-M(KP)
FL-CC3516-2M / C3516-M(KP) FL-CC3516-2M / C3516-M(KP)
FL-CC2514-2M / C2514-M(KP) FL-CC2514-2M / C2514-M(KP)
FL-CC1614-2M / C1614-M(KP) FL-CC1614-2M / C1614-M(KP)
FL-HC1214-2M / H1212-M(KP) FL-HC1214-2M / H1212-M(KP)
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